We offer Victoria’s Red Rock accommodation

April 9, 2015

Any visit to south-west Victoria simply isn’t complete without a trip to the internationally acclaimed Red Rock, part of the impressively named Kanawinka Geopark and about 10 minutes out of Colac. Red Rock stands out on the region’s flat volcanic plains and although it might be the ideal place to capture a scenic snapshot, that certainly wouldn’t have been the case a few thousand years ago when the volcano – Australia’s most recent active volcano – was erupting.

Red Rock in Victoria attracts geologists and volcanologists from across Australia and around the world and when it comes to finding somewhere to stay, Otway Gate Motel is one of the best Red Rock accommodation options for volcano-loving visitors.

But Red Rock is much more than just a sightseeing spot or lure for geologists. It’s also a destination for lovers of the arts and wine drinkers. The dormant volcano is the namesake of the nearby Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery, a beautiful and intimate art gallery and theatre which is the scene of art shows, performances and a range of other cultural activities.

Red Rock also provides the naming inspiration for the nearby Red Rock winery, which has a growing reputation for its sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, botrytis semillon and shiraz wines.

While Red Rock might only be a dot on the map, it’s a little region that packs a volcanic punch, from its geopark, through to its arts and wine. Think about it. You could arrive in the morning to fossick around Red Rock and its surrounding volcanic plains, head to the winery for a tipple or two and then enjoy the latest offering from the art gallery and theatre before returning to your Otway Gate rooms to reflect on the inspiring day you’ve just had and plan for the next one.

Yes, there’s no doubt about. Visitors seeking Red Rock accommodation need only contact the Otway Gate and we’ll set up their base in our comfortable accommodation rooms and steer them to their destination.

And don’t worry about those reports that came out a few years ago claiming Victoria was overdue for a volcanic eruption and that the most likely spots for an eruption included Colac district.  It hasn’t happened for more than 5000 years, so what are the chances while you’re here!

We look forward to seeing you soon.